Strategic consulting in human resources

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What do we do?
Diagnosis of your organization
Design and facilitation  of teams, management teams, and innovation teams
Design, facilitation, and followup on Personnel Policies
Design, development, and followup of cultural change processes
Design and facilitation of participatory processes

How do we work?

Step 1
We get to know each other and decide on the definition of the assignment
Step 2
We analyze the current situation and the dynamics of the organization
Step 3
We design the assignment together to tailor  it to the customer’s needs
Step 4
We execute the defined actions
Step 5
We reevaluate the situation, its evolution, and the next steps to take

We design and develop each project ad hoc.

We listen to the situation, applying a different view, shared with the client. By using our experience, drawing on our knowledge, and facilitating their development and evolution, we can create tailor-made projects to accompany you in carrying out your development goals. 

Our expertise in Creation, development, and evolution of Teams, Coaching, Systemic Coaching, training, staff sizing, recruitment, and selection, among others, has given us the skills to create projects that facilitate the evolution of the organization.

30 years of experience

With our 30 years’ experience collaborating with companies of all types, we at Ayla Seraching are characterized by our ability to listen, our vision, and our analytical skills. 

Our goal is to ensure that evolution turns into growth, development, and improvement of the organizations and people we collaborate with.

Iñaki Pérez

Founder of Ayla Searching

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Thoughts on Human Resources

Nothing happens in your organization without the participation of people. They are the most important value contribution in your company. 

How to make it so that the whole organization flows with the strategy, with the processes, with the goals? How to make it easier for people to participate in the evolution of the organization? How to line up the whole system in the search for benefits for all? How to understand the change and the development of your company in a real and organic way? 

Is this value contribution really strategic for your organization? 

From this point of view, people and teams acquire a central role in the lives of organizations from an organizational, cooperative, and social perspective.

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